Hogs – World Supply and Demand Summary

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China China is by far and away the largest hog-producing nation in the world. With an average yearly production of 38,246 thousand head (TH), China produces nearly 30,000 TH more hogs than the U.S., the world’s second largest hog producer. Hog consumption in China is also the largest in the world. Average yearly consumption is 38,157 TH, which is again nearly 30,000 TH more than the U.S. consumes. China’s imports an average of 66 TH and their exports average 155 TH.

United States

The United States is the second largest hog producing and consuming nation in the world. In the U.S., average production of hogs is 8,349 TH per year, and average consumption is 8,177 TH. The United States also has average exports of 516 TH and average imports of 351 TH of hogs per year.


Germany is the worlds third largest hog producer and consumer. Average production in Germany is 3,813 TH per year and average hog consumption is 4,570 TH per year. Since average consumption exceeds average production, we know Germany is going to need to import hogs. In fact, Germany is the world’s largest hog importer, averaging an importation of 1,111 TH per year. Germany also exports an average of 355 TH per year.


Spain is the world’s fourth largest producer and consumer of hogs. Spain’s average production is 2,634 TH per year and their average consumption is 2,374 TH. Spain will, on average, import 74 TH per year and export 302 TH per year.


France is the world’s fifth largest hog producer and consumer. Their average production is 2,269 TH per year, and their average consumption is 2,160 TH per year. Average imports and exports in France are 446 TH and 553 TH, respectively.


Brazil is the world’s sixth largest hog producing nation, averaging a production of 1,732 TH per year. Average consumption in Brazil is 1,650 TH, making Brazil the ninth largest consumer of pork in the world. Brazil imports an insignificant 3 TH of hogs per year, and they export only 84 TH.


Poland is the seventh largest hog producer in the world, averaging a yearly crop of 1,622 TH. Poland’s average consumption is 1,485 TH per year, allowing them to rank as the world’s tenth largest pork consumer. Poland imports 42 TH annually and they export 180 TH per year.

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The Netherlands produces 1,608 TH of hogs per year, making them the world’s eighth largest hog producer. However, the Netherlands only consumers 689 TH of hogs per year, so exports are 1,020 TH per year. This level of exports makes the Netherlands the second largest exporter of pork in the world. Imports in the Netherlands are 117 TH.


Russia is the world’s ninth largest hog producer, averaging a production of 1,592 TH per year. Russia will consumer 2,053 TH in an average year. To make up the deficit of consumption to production, Russia will import 426 TH in an average year. Exports for Russia are hardly worth mentioning at 1 TH.


Denmark produces 1,578 TH of hogs per year. At this level of production, Denmark is the world’s tenth largest hog producer. Denmark consumes a measly 389 TH, leaving them plenty of production to export. Exports are 1,233 TH per year, making Denmark the world’s largest hog exporter. Denmark will also import 34 TH of hogs per year.


Canada, during the course of an average year, produces 1,432 TH of hogs, consumes 947 TH, imports 56 TH, and exports 538 TH. The only figure of any significance for Canada is exports, which rank them fourth in the world for total pork exports.


Italy produces 1,432 TH during the course of an average year. Their consumption is 2,082 TH, their imports are 756 TH, and their exports are 99 TH. Due to its large amount of imports, Italy is the world’s third largest hog importer.


Japan produces 1,280 TH of hogs, consumes 2,130 TH, exports no hogs, and imports 851 TH. At this level of imports, Japan is the world’s second larges hog importer. Japan is also the world’s sixth largest pork consumer.

United Kingdom

The U.K., in an average year, produces 1,104 TH, consumes 1,429 TH, exports 185 TH, and imports 511 TH. The U.K.’s imports rank it fourth in average world imports.


Taiwan, on average, produces 1,007 TH per year, consumes 921 TH annually, imports 34 TH, and exports 120 TH.


The Ukraine produces 718 TH during an average year. They also consume 726 TH, export 10 TH, and import 13 TH.

Information provided courtesy of the USDA Economic and Statistics System.