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Name Default Description

LENGTH 34 Time period of the ADX function


Plot1 = EaseofMovement function

Plot2 = 0 (zero)


This indicator gauges the magnitude of price and volume movement. The indicator returns both positive and negative values. A positive value means the market has moved up from yesterday’s value, whereas, a negative value means the market has moved down. A large positive or large negative value indicates a large move in price and/or lighter volume. A small positive or small negative value indicates a small move in price and/or heavier volume.

Conventional Analysis:

When the Ease of Movement indicator crosses above zero, the market is moving upward easily; buy opportunity. When the indicator crosses below zero, it is an indication that the market is moving downward easily; usually a sell opportunity.

Additional Analysis:



Bullish Alerts:

Plot1 crosses above Plot2

Bearish Alerts:

Plot1 crosses below Plot2

Additional References:

Colby, Robert W. and Thomas A. Meyers. The Encyclopedia of Technical Market Indicators. Dow Jones – Irwin. Homewood, IL. 1988.

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